Facilitas HQ
Facilitas was founded in 2007 by Alexander Müller. He developed the proprietary Facilitas acupuncture protocol and combined it with a German manufacturer’s new laser technology. He named the business Facilitas in 2007, referring to the Italian faciliare, meaning to make something easier. During the founding phase, Alexander Müller himself carried out the innovative treatment, perfecting it through direct customer feedback . He also defined the three Facilitas treatment steps and introduced the Facilitas organic tea to further increase the success rate and customer satisfaction.

Due to the innovative and new combination of acupuncture and laser technology “Made in Germany,” Facilitas attracted much media attention shortly after opening; numerous TV reports, interviews, and press reports followed. Because of this large attention and the assossiated success, we were able to expand in 2008 within Germany, opening several Facilitas locations in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, and Leipzig. Soon after centers were developed in Spain, England, and Portugal and to countries in Africa, Asia, North and South America.

Today, Alexander Müller directs the business on a strategic level. Ken Buschmann is responsible for operational activities. As the Head of Franchise, he leads the business’s franchise and marketing activities. Together with his team, he is in charge of the worldwide locations and ensures that Facilitas quality guidelines are met and that franchise partners always have access to innovative marketing opportunities. Today Facilitas is successful in 21 countries with more than 65 centers.

Facilitas soft laser treatment helps you quit smoking. Our innovative method combines the newest laser technology “made in Germany” with a personally developed acupuncture protocol. By stimulating specific acupuncture points related to smoking behavior, withdrawal symptoms are reduced to a minimum. This way, any smoker with some determination can become a non-smoker and lead a healthier life. The results speak for themselves. The Facilitas soft laser treatement to stop smoking is now offered in over 50 franchise locations all over the world. Arrange an appointment and become a non-smoker. Your health will thank you! If you would like to actively help people to stop smoking, you can become a Facilitas franchise partner and open your own location by offering the Facilitas soft laser therapy to stop smoking. We look forward to your inquiry.