Facilitas India West

Dr Dharmen Punatar with Mr Alexander Muller,
CEO & Mr Ken Buschman
Dr. Dharmen Punatar

He has post graduated in Diabetes from T.N medical college, Nair Hospital.,Mumbai. He has done Fellowship in Diabetology From Steno Diabetes Centre, Denmark. He has been a constant force working for patient care, patient education and clinical research for many years. He has conducted various seminars on diabetes, given lectures on various topics to patients and healthcare many clinical trials.

Dr Dharmen Punatar with Mr Ajitbrojen Seal,
Head Facilitas International India
Motto is to provide State of art, Quality service at an affordable cost.

Throughout the practice he faced many challenges in treating patients & one of them was to make patients quit smoking.Not only the patients , but the spouse & kids were also affected due to passive smoking. What started as an enjoyment for the smokers, itself became cause of suffering for self & family , healthwise & moneywise. There were no proper treatments with adequate results available.This led to lot of researching for treatment which gave adequate results, & is safe, & he happened to find Facilitas Healthcare on Internet.

He happened to get in touch with Mr Ajitbrojen Seal, Head of Facilitas International India & Sri lanka Franchise in 2013 and subsequent discussions & developments happened. He & His brother Mr Gaurang Punatar visited Facilitas offices in Oberhausen and Dusseldorf in November 2013. Here they met Mr Ken Buschman –Head international franchise ,understood the concepts underlying the therapy and decided to get FACILITAS therapy, the most successful Soft Laser Therapy in the world., at DiabCare,Mumbai & spread it across India .Thanks to Mr Ajitbrojen for helping us throughout.& finally after training & certification we launched this brand in March 2014 at DiabCare,Mulund,Mumbai in presence of Mr Alexander Muller, CEO & founder ,Facilitas..

Dr Dharmen Punatar with Mr Ken Buschman,
Head Facilitas International
Mr. Gaurang H.Punatar
Director - Venus Group of Companies

Venus Group of Companies is a multifaceted Growth oriented Group primarily in the field of Chemical, Pharma and Healthcare Business.

He is the Promoter for FACILITAS in India along with his brother a very known Diabetologist Dr. Dharmen H. Punatar.

FACILITAS being an internationally successful brand with 50 + centres globally is helping millions of smokers to quit this lethal habit.


He along with his brother, Dr. Dharmen Punatar who shared this Idea of carrying this novice concept in India, visited Facilitas HQ in Germany to understand the said concept.

The purpose of FACILITAS India is to make available the simple, natural and pain free system to smokers across the country to quit the habit of smoking. The program is tailored for each Individual smoker to yield better results and lead to enhanced quality of life currently unobtainable from existing methods to rely on will power, chewing gum or nicotine patches to quit this lethal habit.

The pain and suffering one has to undergo, further leading his family also to suffer because of this lethal habit, Is very well know to each of us “. So it was decided by us to bring this concept in India for 120 millions smokers to Quit smoking and stay Healthy without inviting sure shot trouble for him and his family.

With this focus we are confident , ‘FACILITAS” will be leading smoking cessation system in the country.


We are inviting & teaming up with very motivated and enterprising entrepreneur and professionals in India to open outlets across so that thousands of smokers can benefit from this treatment.

Team Mulund, Mumbai

Advisory Board
AjitBrojen Seal, Master Partner, India & Sri Lanka.
Alexander Mueller, CEO, Facilitas GmbH. Germany.
Anette Kohendahl, Heilpratiker, Facilitas Germany.
Ashok Hande, MS, MCH, Nuerosurgeon, India.
Dhananjay Ganachari, Cloud Technology. India.
Dharmen Punatar, D.Diab.,MBBS, Master Franchisee. India.
Gaurang Punatar , Master Franchisee,India.
Ken Buschmann, International Franchise Head, Facilitas Germany.
Madhavi Thakurdesai, MSc, PhD. Laser technology, India.
Radhika Lobo, MA PhD,Banking and Intl Trade, India.
Sayuru Samarasundara, Gynecologist, Sri Lanka.
Suvarna Kulkarni, IT Head , Facilitas India & Sri Lanka.
Vilasrao Kadam, MSc, PhD. Pharmacology, India.

Facilitas soft laser treatment helps you quit smoking. Our innovative method combines the newest laser technology “made in Germany” with a personally developed acupuncture protocol. By stimulating specific acupuncture points related to smoking behavior, withdrawal symptoms are reduced to a minimum. This way, any smoker with some determination can become a non-smoker and lead a healthier life. The results speak for themselves. The Facilitas soft laser treatement to stop smoking is now offered in over 50 franchise locations all over the world. Arrange an appointment and become a non-smoker. Your health will thank you! If you would like to actively help people to stop smoking, you can become a Facilitas franchise partner and open your own location by offering the Facilitas soft laser therapy to stop smoking. We look forward to your inquiry.