Overview of Prices
The following prices for a Facilitas treatment apply to your chosen country.


₹ 10000 /-

90-minute procedure including a 30-minute briefing, 45-minute laser treatment, and 15-minute follow-up consultation.

₹ 9000 /-

Succeed together! Only ₹ 9000 /person for the 90-minute Facilitas soft laser procedure. Save ₹ 1000

₹ 5000 /-

In order to reduce the risk of weight gain to a minimum, we additionally recommend the treatment for weight control.

Facilitas soft laser treatment helps you quit smoking. Our innovative method combines the newest laser technology “made in Germany” with a personally developed acupuncture protocol. By stimulating specific acupuncture points related to smoking behavior, withdrawal symptoms are reduced to a minimum. This way, any smoker with some determination can become a non-smoker and lead a healthier life. The results speak for themselves. The Facilitas soft laser treatement to stop smoking is now offered in over 50 franchise locations all over the world. Arrange an appointment and become a non-smoker. Your health will thank you! If you would like to actively help people to stop smoking, you can become a Facilitas franchise partner and open your own location by offering the Facilitas soft laser therapy to stop smoking. We look forward to your inquiry.