What is the Facilitas soft laser therapy?

The Facilitas soft laser therapy is a synthesis of traditional acupuncture and the modern soft laser procedure. It is based on the principles of ear acupuncture and is a painless, non-invasive, and drug-free method, working by means of biostimulation through the high-energy light of the soft laser. The soft laser stimulates specific, precisely defined acupuncture points on both ears, which are related to the nicotine addiction of smokers. Additionally, points are stimulated that provide relaxation of the autonomic nervous system and stimulate the production of the body’s own endorphins. Side effects of nicotine withdrawal, such as nervousness, aggression, insomnia, unrest, and the craving for nicotine are thus considerably reduced. Customers notice the relaxing effect of the soft laser procedure immediately. The soft laser procedure is a tool to reduce the physical withdrawal symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, as the initial 72 hours after stopping to smoke are considered the crucial phase in smoking withdrawal.

Is the softlaser safe?

The Facilitas soft laser is completely safe. It is a laser for the purpose of biostimulation, not a surgical laser. A soft laser procedure stimulates circulation and has a pain-relieving and relaxing effect. Unlike surgical methods of healing, the soft laser is a so-called low level laser. Its high-energy light is completely harmless, both for the customer and the user. There is no pain during or after the procedure and you do not have to expect unwanted side effects.

The LaserPen employed by Facilitas is a high-quality medical non-invasive soft laser used for biostimulation. The laser that we use is a product tested and certified by TÜV and FDA that is subject to regular control and recalibration by the manufacturer; it is manufactured in Germany.

Is willpower necessary?

The success of stopping to smoke is always dependent on the motivation and willingness to change of the smoker. Every smoker has an individual relation to cigarettes and his nicotine dependence. The cigarette takes on a variety of very different functions for smokers. It can serve as filler during breaks and time gaps, a time-out, or simply as a reward. This means that the realization of one’s own smoking patterns and habits plays an important role when stopping to smoke. Obstructive thoughts must be broken by positive views.

In any event, it is helpful to address the reasons and functions of one’s own smoking behaviors first, as stopping to smoke must start in the mind! The laser therapy is successful when the smoker is firmly resolved to stop smoking. This means that self-motivation and a positive attitude toward not smoking should be present. You should look forward to beginning a positive new stage in life without compulsion and performance restrictions.

How long is the soft laser procedure?

The energetic acupuncture stimulation takes 90 minutes, including detailed consultation. The actual soft laser treatment to stop smoking takes 45 minutes. If additional points are to be treated for weight control, the treatment time increases to about 50 minutes.

The result is noticeable immediately. You feel relaxed and strengthened directly after the procedure. Generally, one procedure suffices. However, should you relapse within the first 3 months or feel an impossible urge to smoke despite the procedure, you may request a second treatment free of charge.

Do you offer a group discount?

If you undertake the procedure with two or more people simultaneously, each person receives a discount of 1000 INR. Additionally, we have special business offers.

Are there any contraindications? (Health restrictions that speak against a treatment)

Smokers with a pacemaker can unfortunately not be treated with the laser. The treatment also excludes epileptic and pregnant people.

I have never heard of this treatment before. Are there any figures based on experience?

Laser acupuncture is an advancement of the classical needle acupuncture and has proven itself as an entirely painless method free from side effects for many years. Smoking withdrawal by soft laser stimulation is a scientifically grounded, internationally tried method to help smokers out of their nicotine dependence.

New scientific studies from England again clearly prove the positive physiological effect of laser stimulation. Our longstanding worldwide experience in methods to stop smoking confirms the results of this study.

How high is the success rate?

When the smoker is firmly resolved to free himself of the forced daily nicotine consumption and recognizes that psychological dependence stems from a physical dependence, laser stimulation to stop smoking has great prospects for success. Facilitas’ success rate lies at an average of over 75%.

Is the Facilitas organic tea important for the success of the treatment?

Yes, the tea completes the Facilitas treatment and actively supports your entire well-being. This makes the withdrawal phase even easier. Furthermore, through the intake of the special organic tea composition, toxic substances (benzene, nicotine, tar, etc.) are metabolized and exit the body much faster.

I don’t want to gain weight when I stop smoking!

When you stop smoking, your metabolism, increased by nicotine consumption, will return to a normal level. Furthermore, as a non-smoker you are once again confronted with the “normal” hungry feeling, which has been forgotten due to the hunger-reducing effect of nicotine and very often leads to food cravings during the transition period.

If you are worried about excessive weight gain due to these transition problems, you can book an additional procedure for weight control. Here, additional points are stimulated to damp the rising hunger feeling and help metabolism. This way, the risk of uncontrolled weight gain is reduced. The additional procedure for weight control may be carried out together with the treatment to stop smoking. With this weight control procedure, you reduce the risk of unnecessary pounds.

How am I harming my body by smoking?

Each time that you take a puff of a cigarette, you inhale cancer-causing substances, your heart rate accelerates, your blood pressure increases, your vessels become slightly more damaged, oxygen for every muscle and organ is used, and your body’s defense weakens. Even the consumption of only a few cigarettes per day leads to physical and psychological dependence and health disorders. In addition to impairments to health, effects are early aging, bad appearance, loss of body conditions, and psychovegetative instability such as disequilibrium, increased susceptibility to stress, fatigue, and listlessness. By smoking one cigarette, you inhale about 4,700 toxic substances. The most important ones are nicotine, nitroamine, cadmium, arsenic, benzopyrene, acrylamine, benzene, hydrocyanic acid, and a mixture of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

What changes once I stop smoking?

By not smoking, you live longer and with a better quality of life! Stopping to smoke is worthwhile at any age because health risks and impairments are largely reversible.

What do you regain as a non-smoker?


More energy, better stamina

Fresh breath

Improved bodily defense

Better taste and smelling senses

Healthier skin, better appearance

Recognition and acceptance

More balance

A stress-free daily life

Financial savings



In addition, look forward to rediscovering taste and smelling senses, more balance, and a life without compulsion!