Quit Smoking Laser Therapy

Our optimized therapy procedure provides an individual an effective treatment. The first step is a consultation, in which we address your addiction and individual situation in detail. This is followed by a 45-minute treatment on both ears with the Facilitas soft laser Therapy. Finally, we provide numerous helpful tips for life without cigarettes. We additionally recommend the supplementary procedure for weight control in order to reduce the risk of weight gain. Both procedures may be carried out together in one session. To round off the therapeutic effect, Facilitas offers a special organic tea.

Laser Therapy Treatment Effect

One of the main problems when a person stops smoking is nicotine withdrawal, which entails strong physical accompanying symptoms. Here, the softlaser stimulation to stop smoking comes into play. It considerably reduces the craving for nicotine and thus reduces withdrawal symptoms.

In the Facilitas soft laser Therapy to stop smoking, precise acupuncture points on the ears are stimulated. Stimulation of specified acupuncture points with laser increases the release of body's own endorphins. These natural substances, produced by the body, occupy the free nicotine receptors in the brain, making nicotine intake through cigarette consumption unnecessary. Furthermore, special points are stimulated, which additionally have a calming and relaxing effect. Despite stopping to smoke, you feel well and balanced. Craving for cigarettes is considerably reduced and finally leads to dislike.

The energetic biostimulation with a soft laser is a very pleasant and successful Laser Therapy to stop smoking. Through the infrared light of the laser, cell communication becomes directly influenced while you relax and maybe even fall asleep.

The advantages of the soft laser Therapy in order to stop smoking are obvious:

Completely painless

No skin damage

No risk of infection

Immediate effect

No side effects

No medications or substitutes necessary

On average, more than 75% of Facilitas customers succeed in Laser Therapy to stop smoke. Normally 3-4 procedure is sufficient to release you from the physical dependence on smoking. However, should you relapse within the first 3 months, we guarantee a free follow-up treatment.

Scientific Study

"Middlesex University proves 70% success rate".

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study carried out by the scholars Catherine M. Kerr and Paul B. Lowe of Middlesex University concluded that “lasers stimulating acupuncture points in fact modify physical withdrawal symptoms and thus enable motivated persons to successfully overcome their tobacco consumption.” For the study, a diode laser array of 50mW was used, identical to the laser specifications also employed by Facilitas. Furthermore, it was proven that “a considerably higher proportion of subjects having received the soft laser radiation stimulating precise acupuncture points on the ears and body were able to stop smoking than those subjects that received a placebo treatment of the same acupuncture points.”

“Middlesex University is a university in the north of London, England. The university was founded in 1973 by a merging of several institutions of higher education. With more than 25,000 students and 2,500 employees, Middlesex University is one of the largest universities in Great Britain. The University has 4 locations in the north of London: Hendon, Cat Hill, Trent Park, Enfield, and also a medical department. In total, the institution runs 4 hospitals: the Royal Free Hospital, the Whittington Hospital, the Chase Farm Hospital, as well as the renowned North Middlesex Hospital.”

Source: double-blind study, carried out by C. M. Kerr & P. B. Lowe, Middlesex University.

Summary of the results of the study.

The study of Middlesex University clearly demonstrates the positive physical effects of the soft laser Therapy treatment on the human body. However, an important component was not observed in the study protocol. No support in the form of consultation, which would also address the psychological aspect of smoking, was offered to participants of the study – neither before nor after the treatment. This explains why Facilitas’ individualized approach proves even more effective, since sophisticated consulting, before and after the treatment, forms the basis of the treatment’s success. The special Facilitas organic tea offers a final complement to the treatment and, together with the tested therapy procedure, leads to an exceptionally high success rate.

Facilitas Laser

The LaserPen employed by Facilitas is a high-quality medical soft laser (non-invasive) used for biostimulation. Unlike surgical methods of healing, the softlaser is a so-called low level laser. Its high-energy light is completely harmless, both for customer and user. There is no pain during or after the procedure and you do not have to expect unwanted side effects.

The principle of the classical softlaser procedure is a treatment with energy light, which carries enough quantities of light into the tissue, thereby generating electromagnetic waves. Oscillatory information is transferred to the cells via the laser beam and cell metabolism is positively influenced. Additionally, pulse frequencies are passed, rhythmically stimulating cells and the nervous system by the resonance phenomenon. The beam thus provides an impulse that stimulates the acupuncture point. Already during the procedure, the body begins to produce endorphins that give a feeling of well-being and relaxation. The laser that we use is a medical product tested and certified by TÜV and FDA, which is subject to regular control and recalibration by the manufacturer.

Facilitas employs highly qualified personnel that you can trust and rely on at all its locations.

Weight Control

When you stop smoking, your metabolism, which has been increased by nicotine consumption, will return to a normal level. Furthermore, as a non-smoker you are once again confronted with the “normal” hungry feeling, which has been forgotten due to the hunger-reducing effect of nicotine and very often leads to food cravings during the transition period.

If you are worried about excessive weight gain due to these transition problems, you can book an additional procedure for weight control. Here, additional points are stimulated to damp the rising hunger feeling and help your metabolism. This way, the risk of uncontrolled weight gain is reduced. The additional procedure for weight control may be carried out together with the treatment to stop smoking.

Additionally, we recommend our special organic tea, which helps metabolism and detoxication. More information about the Facilitas organic tea here.

Facilitas Tea

Through smoking, numerous toxic substances enter into your body. Besides nicotine, these include tar, benzene, cadmium, and dioxin. These foreign substances impair metabolism and the lung, liver, and kidneys. In order to break down these toxic substances as fast as possible after the Facilitas procedure to stop smoking, we offer you a special organic tea after your treatment, which was specifically created together with a tea specialist to match the needs of recent non-smokers. With this tea, tobacco contents are broken down faster by the body and the Facilitas tea thus has a positive effect on your entire well-being.

For Businesses

Would you like to create a better working atmosphere and use working time effectively? Then offer the Facilitas soft laser therapy treatment to your employees.

All advantages at a glance:

Lower staff costs

No more smoking breaks

Lower absence rate due to illness (on average, smokers are sick 30-40% more often than non-smokers)

A happier employee

We offer to come to your business for consultations and treatments with a minimum of 5 participants. We gladly provide a special firm offering and are available to answer any questions.